As I sit in my apartment this morning and listen to the rainfall outside, my mind is brought back to a late night conversation in a parking lot of a hamburger and ice cream shop. A much wiser person than I began speaking such truth into me… my whole outlook changed in that short time.

I had shared of a prayer group I was in and played a part in starting. Around 10-14 days after a handful of people started doing business with God and praying for mercy in our lives and on our nation rain began to fall, and it hasn’t stopped.

If revival will come, it will start in the house of God.

“For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household” -1 Peter 4:17

Revival does not start in the lost world, it starts with the people of God letting go of their idols and giving up their sins so they can truly be God’s people wholly and fully.

This was not a new or strange concept when I called my friend and told her we had to start a prayer group for our small town in western Oklahoma… I also knew that if I wanted revival, it meant a fight, one that I know has only just begun.

I understood that if I wanted to see a change in the world around me, there would have to be change in me first. The prayers prayed for me have become more of “revive ME again, Lord. Change ME. Break MY heart.” Only when we start to see how messed up we are, can we give our messed up selves to God and He can truly use us. I had no idea that what this small group was praying would lead to a downpouring on a land that was suffering because of the people who were dwelling in their sin on that land.

This wise brother looked at me and said, “Do you know what rain is prophetically?”

I just stared at him… I really wasn’t sure what he meant. I had learned in the last few months that Water was a sign of the Holy Spirit… but rain wasn’t quite the same, and I knew that, but had no idea what the difference was.

He was understanding and brought me back to earth as I was standing there trying to figure out if there was a prophecy in scripture about the end times and rain!!! (there isn’t as far as I know… he wasn’t speaking of the future)

“What was the rain during the time of Noah for?”

That was easy… too easy and unsettling as the answer sat in my head and popped out of my mouth, mist falling on us chilling all who stood around to the bone.


My heart sunk… “judgment” was never a good thing in my mind. Not until that conversation and now I want to sing! It’s like I was given the most amazing precious gift.

He explained that judgment is a serious look at something. A judgment can be good, or bad.

Judgment is simply the answer that we are looking for.

It’s the “judgment call” on everything we did. Most people just think “guilty”, but sometimes it’s “not guilty” too.

As I sat there and he explained the purpose of rain I literally felt I would explode! I became so excited!

I had been looking at the rain as a sign from God, but my view was shallow and was leaving me with not enough answer, not enough understanding… just empty and wanting more.

Rain comes down and where you see the grass it has been nourished and brought to life, but sometimes it has to wash things away cleansing the land of the old, useless things, the ugly, dead, sinful stuff we don’t need anymore. Two sides to judgment. Both ending in a beautiful world. It washes the dirt and grime away leaving life behind.

As the ponds, lakes and rivers fill, my heart and life is being filled with the spirit. As His rain gently washes out the stuff I don’t need anymore, new life springs up and replaces the death  that had been allowed to grow there for far too long. His spirit has begun to fill the land, if you have eyes to see it, you will.

You may think it’s crazy, but I believe it. A man said the rain wouldn’t stop for a while… and I believe him. It’s what God has shown to me. When God starts a work He finishes it.

For years as we sat in drought we prayed for rain, but how many people got down on their knees before a holy God and didn’t ask for things around them to change, but asked that they would be changed? Few.

I have been a Christian most of my life and raised in the church the entirety of it. I knew that revival took a change in my heart… I would sit in revival meetings looking at the Christians around me praying the lost would be found, but not once did they take a hard look at themselves and I sure wasn’t going to lead out in that! I was cool with my life, but God wasn’t, and as He has lead me He has lead others to do the same. To stop looking at the rest of the world and thinking they should change, but rather looking inward and asking God to change them… Rain.

Believe what you want. But I urge you as a sister in Christ… He died for you, just take some time to let Him shine a light in your life. If you don’t “feel like it” ask Him to give you a desire for Him. He will. Is it raining in your life yet? Don’t miss out on it, He wants to wash away the old stuff to make room for new growth. Will you step into the rain and let Him do that?

Come play in His rain, jump in His puddles, and then watch the flowers bloom as the Son comes out.

Judgment… He is taking a serious look at us. So what will He see? How will we respond?



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