Winter is one of my four favorite seasons!

The cold seems to push us all inside by the fire, and we all grumble and complain.

The sad thing about winter is that everything seems so dead. Have you ever noticed? So cold and dead.

But I was reminded of something the other day as winter is nearing and things are getting colder, leaves have now left the trees and the flowers have gone.

I looked down, and what did I see? Winter grass. Life. And if you stop and think about it, there is a lot of life during the winter. The evergreen trees, holly, and mistletoe. The things we all think of around Christmas.

Have you ever thought, if we did not have Winter, Spring would not be as glorious! Would not be so looked forward to, bring such happy joy to those who understand the value of life.

And I was thinking, isn’t life like that? Winter comes in our life, blowing cold air and making us hide within ourselves. But there is still life, sometimes it is just covered by snow for a while. Sometimes we stay inside too long to see it. And then, at the end, Spring.

Sometimes things happen in our life that cause a sudden Winter to fall over our lives. Loss of a job, sickness, or the loss of a loved one.

But Spring will come. Sometimes when we are not looking for it.

Our world is in that place right now. Have you noticed how cold it is? And I don’t mean literally cold. Spiritually cold. And it is like only the Christians have the eyes to see it, or the ability to feel it. And I am afraid the winter will get far worse before Spring comes, but it will come, I have no doubt of that. Maybe it will be a revival, a chance for others to come and know the joy of our Saviour before it is too late. Or, it could be when He comes to take us home, where winter will never come again. A spring that will never end. Where all our sad winters will be left behind to find glorious new life!

I don’t know if you understand what I am trying to say, but if you do, I hope that the thought of Winter only brings joy as you think of what is ahead.




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