Okay… So I have started a journey to take sugar out of my life… Not an easy thing to do! Do you know what sugar is in?!?! Just start reading the labels… ugh.
Anyway, I have not had any sugar for… well, a week! =) And I am doing okay!

We have Stevia to sweeten things with, and Mom found some recipe books that use Stevia instead of sugar!!! YAY!!!So when I start trying things out I will let you know what the family thinks! =)
Right now Mom and I are on a No-carb, no-fat, no-sugar program. Maybe more like boot camp! We are doing our best to break some of the addictions we have. We started Monday… so seven days without anything… normal. But we are doing great!!! I am really feeling good!!! We have two weeks and three days on this part of the program and then we get all of the fats back! Milk, cheese, butter, oils and so on.
This has not been easy… but we are going to make it!!!
So the beginning of my life without the drug… Sugar!

Keep coming back to see how life goes!! =)




  1. Sammy Awami · October 6, 2011

    So, how is the program going on, so far? 🙂

  2. hannah · October 17, 2011

    It is going well. We still don’t eat many carbs, and there is no sugar in our house. The family has come a long way in the last year.

  3. Sammy Awami · October 17, 2011

    Thats really good! How I wish I would get rid of sugar too. Its not that I use A LOT of sugar, its just that I think I need to reduce a little bit some of it

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